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Copyright Page Dedication Introduction Chapter 1 - Love (Poem) Chapter 2 - Unity of Thought vs. Unity of Purpose Chapter 3 - The Path of Authenticity Chapter 4 - Generosity & Receptivity Chapter 5 - Though Darkness Shroud (Poem) Chapter 6 - Duality vs. Polarity Chapter 7 - On Slaying

Copyright Page

Strength for the Journey: Mystical Poetry & Spiritual Essays Copyright © 2019 by Joshua Kuebler All Rights Reserved. Visit the author’s website: Printed and Bound in the United States of America First Printing Fall 2019 Published by Ordinary Elegance Limited First Published in March 2019 5100


This book is dedicated to the enduring Love found in family, friends & companions on the journey. Those true Lights warming our hearts & reminding us that we are never truly alone, even in the moments when we are physically on our own.


Early in my preteen years, I was going blind. I needed eye surgery, laser was new, but the only likely option, and the chance of success far less than certain. This crisis drove me into a period of spiritual emergency. My parents took me to see a retired pastor, blind

Chapter 1 - Love (Poem)

What is Love? Love is Energy. The Energy of Life Herself. Love has no 'should', no 'must', no obligation. Love is total Freedom. Love remains because She chooses. She has every reason to stay. You cannot hold Her. Love contains All. She is Complete. Love loves You. You can do